Friday, April 25, 2008

Ben Thieroff

Ryan Evans

On Tuesday April 22nd, Hillary Clinton won the Pennsylvania primary. She defeated Sen. Barack Obama by a reasonably close margin of about two-hundred thousand votes. She took fifty-five percent of the Democratic voters. However, this big victory will not guarantee her the Democratic nomination for the presidency. This will give her the possible, necessary momentum going into the Democratic National Convention in a few months.

This Clinton victory seems to foreshadow more doubt on the Obama camp. He has won consistently in the South and in his home state of Illinois, but Sen. Clinton has taken the bigger prizes of New York, her home state, California, and Texas. These are just to name a few of her victories. The national convention will be quite chaotic and should really go down to the wire.

This past Monday on WWE ‘Raw’ all three of the presidential frontrunners appeared on the show. Hillary told the audience that, “You could call me Hill-Rod.” Barack Obama asked the question of “Can you smell what the Barack is cooking?” John McCain also asked everyone what they were going to do when all of the “McCaniacs” run wild. I am sure this was to rally support from a certain demographic. The wrestling demographic. This is strange indeed.

Wow this was really ridiculous. I can’t believe that all three prospective presidents went on WWE wrestling. I think the presidency should carry a certain degree of respect and class. I feel wrestling does not carry these forms of class with it at all. The people that take it seriously all seem to be idiots. Wait, maybe they needed to see who was running so they could take part in Democracy. I would prefer if these people did not vote actually. Yeah….

Chris (primaries + extra STUFF)

Primary 1

Summary - Both Democratic candidates in the primaries have become quite fatigued with the entire ordeal. Neither of them have let up any room for the other. It has been a constant struggle between the two for the Democratic nomination. "Sometimes. Yes, of course," sad Barack Tuesday, when asked if he had become exhausted with the race. Along with this fatigue from both candidates comes unforced errors which both sides have made in this past year.

Opinion - There is nothing wrong with some healthy competition. These two might just run each other in to the ground though, if they're not careful. They have to remember that one of them still has to go up against McCain in the general election. With this taken in to account, Clinton and Obama should not be so hard on each other. If both candidates make each other look bad, that could damage the winner's chances in the general election against McCain.

Primary 2

Summary - The Democratic Party has become increasingly worried with the constant race and struggle between Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. The Party hopes to find a quick end between the battle of these two candidate before any further damage ensues. "What happened yesterday was what a lot of us were afraid would happen," Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen said. "There is no clear resolution. She did a little better than expected, but they're still standing there, slugging it out. Everybody's getting bloody and there's no knockouts. It helps prolong that." Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean finds himself "less concerned than a lot of Democrats" though as he says the primaries are bringing in thousands of new voters into party rolls.

Opinion - This is exactly what I was talking about in the previous opinion. These two Senators need to look more ahead into the future and realize one of the two still has to go through the general election against McCain. If they don't watch it, they could ruin the winner's chances in the general election. Howard Dean is right though. These primaries have gained quite a bit of popularity which in turn has brought in more voters which will bring about more participation on the voters' parts in the general election.


Summary - An infestation of poisonous spiders has begun in a tiny hospital located in Australia. The given hospital closed down yesterday for twenty-four hours so the place can be fumigated for the redback spiders which have been found in great numbers on the hospital grounds. "We believe the best way to deal with them, and the safest option for staff and patients, is to have the whole building fumigated so both the spiders and their eggs are killed," said rural director of nursing Ellen Palmer on Wednesday. It has been believed the warm weather that is going on at this time has brought about more redback spider eggs to hatch than usual.

Opinion - This hospital should not have let the problem of these spiders get so bad as they are now. I mean, it IS a hospital obviously. The place is meant to be kept clean and I can see this infestation as not very hygienic. If somehow, through some situation, the problem of the spiders wasn't the hospital's fault then "oh well". They shouldn't be blamed for it but if it was then that's a problem for them. They should have been on top of the infestation in the beginning because this could endanger the lives of the patients in the hospital.


Summary - At Saint Johns County hospital in Florida, a man is being treated after his truck turned over and spilled Jell-O snack packs all over the I-95. Earlier in the morning, the given truck had slammed into another truck and flipped, said the police. The Jell-O pudding then splattered all over the highway, causing a major traffic jam. The driver was trapped inside the mangled truck, but had been rescued quickly by the police. The driver was airlifted to the hospital after being rescued and is now being treated for non-life threatening injuries.

Opinion - Well, this seems like quite the problem. The driver really should have been more careful with his driving. That is his job, after all, so he should be a good driver. Apparently, he is not the best driver as it can now be seen. A traffic jam caused by pudding all over the highway is rather amusing. I just hope the pudding everywhere has not caused any accidents of its own with drivers there. That would be a shame.

Kaylen May Gerkey

Who leads the popular vote?
Summary: Hillary Clinton is arguing that she is ahead of rival Sen. Barack Obama when it comes to the popular vote. Not so fast, says Obama's campaign. Clinton's count includes her wins in Michigan and Florida, but the Democratic presidential candidates agreed not to campaign in those states because they violated party rules by scheduling their contests too early. If Michigan and Florida are counted, Clinton is ahead by 100,000 votes -- 15.1 million to Obama's 15 million. Without those states, Obama has a 500,000 vote lead, 14.4 million to 13.9 million. Clinton says she has received more votes than any Democratic candidate in history. Exit polls suggest McCain is benefiting from prolonged Democratic battle. Dems next face off on May 6 when Indiana, North Carolina hold their contests.
Opiion: I think she is full of it. She talks a big game but can she really pull it off is the question. Obama was not even on the ballot in those two states and those delegtaes should not even count and those are the ones she is claiming, its quite funny! The delegates are not just going to be handed to her she needs to make an effort to work hard to get them, but I think she still has a big mountain to climb, in frot of her.

Clinton faces uphill battle in North Carolina
Summary: Hillary Clinton emerged from Tuesday's contest in Pennsylvania with a big victory and a net gain of about a dozen pledged delegates. But that could vanish on May 6 in North Carolina, a delegate-rich contest with a plethora of natural advantages for Barack Obama. Obama owes his victories throughout the Democratic nomination battle to African-Americans, young voters, upscale whites and independent voters. In North Carolina, those voters come in bunches, and their ranks are growing. African-Americans are expected to make up around 40 percent of the primary electorate, giving Obama a healthy starting point in his chase for a large share of the state's 115 pledged delegates. The Obama campaign in particular sees the program as a ripe opportunity to run up votes among North Carolina's many college students. Early voting started April 17, and thousands of North Carolinians have already voted. Clinton spent over $690,000 on TV ads in a month; Obama spent nearly $1.5 million.
Opinion: I think, once again, she has a lot of work to. She thinks she is wining the democaratic race and she thinks she is going to win North Carolina. Obama has a huge advantage and a lot of african american voters in his favor and he has spent so much more on his ad campaigns. I feel Obama should take North Carolina. Personally i find all this funny because as Clinton and Obama go back and forth McCain gets to sit on the sidelines and is benefiting from this long democratic fight. It can go either way and i would not want to pick either one. I just want it all to be over.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Franki Benavidez

Primary 1: Senator Hillary Clinton says that when it comes to the popular vote, she's ahead of rival Senator Barack Obama. After Clinton's decisive win in Pennsylvania on Wednesday, she said to the people, "I'm very proud that as of today, I have received more votes by the people who have voted than anyone else." But Obama's campaign had to disagree with her on that statement. Senator Clinton's count included her wins in both Michigan and Florida but the Democratic presidential candidates agreed not to campaign in states though. They did that because they violated party rules by scheduling their contests too early. Senator Obama didn't even have his name on the Michigan ballot so he didn't receive any votes for that contest.

Opinion: I have to find Senator Clinton very cocky. Mr. Hjort, I'm sorry if that word isn't appropriate but it's the only word to describe her! She thinks that because she got a ton of votes for now that she's set for life. Honestly, I never did like Hillary Clinton just because of the way her attitude is. Or maybe I'm just crazy. Obama's name wasn't even on the Michigan ballot so that's not fair at all.

David Jeong

National-1 (Primary 1)

Clinton: I'm ahead in popular vote

Summary: Sen. Hillary Clinton is arguing that she is ahead of rival Sen. Barack Obama when it comes to the popular vote. "I'm very proud that as of today, I have received more votes by the people who have voted than anyone else," Clinton said Wednesday, one day after her decisive win in Pennsylvania. Clinton says she has received more votes than any Democratic candidate in history. "It's a very close race, but if you count, as I count, the 2.3 million people who voted in Michigan and Florida, then we are going to build on that," the New York senator said.

Opinion: I think America claims to be the most advanced country as far as Democracy. It started in America so the world doesn't say anything about it. Whatever it is, I think the Democracy in America is not really done 'by' the people. "we the people" does not seem to be the common people but seem to be the people what we call leaders and elites. These primaries and voting system seem to be all money related and look like they are a big show to impress the media to get the attention, something like a party for the 'we the leaders.' I honestly dont like the fact that everybody sees this as a race. That is wrong. It is not their 'race' it is the real people's decision because the president is should not be the winner of the race among the elites but should represent the real people. Hilary is so excited of her win in Pennsylvania. I think the reason why there are so many little votes and competition is the money. More shows, more money. I think direct voting is the real rule by the people. Many people say that the internet can be hacked and there can be problems. America has the most advanced technology and if they claim to be the best in every area, I think they can change to direct voting anytime which is the real rule 'by the people'.

National-2 (Primary 2)

Clinton questions Obama's appeal

Summary: Sen. Hillary Clinton rode the momentum of her Pennsylvania win into Indiana with her campaign saying it is on pace to raise $10 million in 24 hours. Clinton reported raising $20 million in all of March, Sen. Barack Obama raised more than twice as much last month, taking in $41 million for his campaign. The New York senator said that her much-needed victory raises fresh questions about Obama's electability. Obama downplayed Clinton's win, saying "it's important for people to keep things in perspective."

Opinion: Even though I dont like the voting system in this country, president of America is an important person and it is fun to watch these candidates fighting with smiling faces. My honest opinion on these candidates is that they are about the same. However, it looks like Obama can do better than Hillary as a president. Obama has good speeches. President's role is not to go out in front of public and debate. It is not a job that makes quick sarcasm in front of the public either. Obama seems to prepare well for his speeches. I think he will process better in the office than Hillary who seems to be texting her husband to ask whether or not to sign a bill when she goes into the office.

Brian's Primary Blogs

National Primaries: As a publicity stunt, all three front-running presidential candidates, Hilary, McCain and Obama, all agreed to appear on World Wrestling Entertainment’s show RAW. Above is a news broadcast about it. The idea is to get those wrestling fans out to vote. The question is, will it work?

Opinion – Um… I think it may have been better for the candidates if they had stayed away from television where people pretend to be beating the tar out of each other. I suppose I might be just one in the minority of people who would rather see the candidates do something more constructive with their time – like a televised tea party where they discussed novels and theology, or a leisurely game of golf with foreign dictators like ailing Fidel Castro or blusterous Hugo Chavez. I guess when one of them agreed, though, the others must have not had much choice if they wanted the wrestling fans’ votes. This is a sad time for our country.

Primaries 2: Tomorrow, a PBS interview between Bill Moyers and Jeremiah Wright (Obama’s controversial pastor) will air. In it, Wright contends that his words criticizing the US Government as bringing 9/11 upon itself and systematically oppressing the Black Community have been taken out of context for devious reasons. While the pastor may have been a controversial obstacle for Obama, he has said he could no more disown his pastor than he could disown the black community.

Opinion – I don’t have a problem with Obama not disowning his pastor (as a politician, how could he without losing a lot of his supporters?!). But I do have a problem with Jeremiah Wright’s messages. Not because they are “Anti-American”. I agree America has a history of being run by “rich white men” who have treated Native Americans, African-Americans, and people of any ethnicity with darker skin poorly and indecently. But I feel Wright is calling for reverse discrimination (these days, as far as I have seen and heard, minorities get preferential treatment in education and the work place), and though he says he “loves the hell” out of his enemies, he is fostering a mindset of “blame the white man for all your troubles”. He is full of bitterness and has not learned how to turn the other cheek. He is a blind man leading the blind – because while his community may be discriminated against, he cannot see that not all white men are rich. Jesus not only came to earth so that he could be Jeremiah Wright’s personal black savior, but so that he might be the savior of all men: black and white, rich and poor.