Friday, December 7, 2007

Kayken May Gerkey

Female Suicide Bomber Kills Fifteen on Iraq
(INTERNATIONAL) Summary: A woman detonated a bomb the other day, the second in two weeks. The bomb killed fifteen people. Ten of those killed in the attack in the Diyala province city of Muqdadiyah were members of the anti-al-Qaida group who have partnered with U.S. and Iraqi forces to rid their neighborhood of militants, said Brig. Gen. Mohammed al-Tamimi, the city police chief. The woman was known to be partr of Sadaam Hussein’s Baath Party. On Nov. 27, a woman blew herself up near an American patrol near Diyala's provincial capital Baqouba, wounding seven U.S. troops and five Iraqis, the U.S. military said. But wiolence is down nationwide in Iraq and many Sunni and Shiites have joined forces with the US to help strikes in Iraq.

Opinion: I guess I never figured woman to be suicide bombers but than thats probably why they use them. I do find it good that the Sunnis and the Shiites are teaming up with the US to fight the Al-Quida. Hopefully things can continually get better and fewer bombs will be set off, but nothing in Iraq can be promised. I guess the plus from all of this is Violence is down and our armed forces seem to be making some sort of progress.

Death Rise to 105 in China Mine Blast
(INTERNATIONAL) Summary: Death toll rose to 105 after a massive coal mine explosion in Northern China. This explosion made it the nation's second deadliest mining disaster this year. Estimated number of workers in the mine is believed to be arouns 120. When the explosion occurred managers of the mine failed to report the explosion wasting crucial hours for rescue parties to be organized. The managers have been detained for questioning and their bank accounts have been frozen.

Opinion: It seems like there are disasters happening everywhere anymore. I cannot believe so many died and they waited so long to report it. I mean they are already negligible, it's their
mine, but now they just made it even worse for themselves. Then again a mine is always a risky place to work and they know that going into it, but the managers should have called it in as soon as the blast occurred but they didn't.

MISS CALIFORNIA USA Pageant Officials Crown New Beauty Queen
(NATIONAL) Summary: Christina Silva, 24, was crowned Miss California USA, but after a review of the votes cast, realized she was not the actual winner. Silva received a call telling her that she was not the winner and that 2nd runner-up Raquel Beezly was the actual winner. Silva in turned called Beezly to tell her the news. Both girls seemed very understanding about the whole issue. Silva said that she felt pressured to step down. She has since hired an attorney. This is yet another problem to beset the Trump Miss Universe Miss USA organization.

Opinion: WOW that sucks! I feel bad for her. How hard is it to calculate like five judges votes and get it right? Apparently very hard. She has every right to be mad and I would be in her shoes if i were her. But she seemed a good sport and even called the real winner. I think its fair that the real winner get the scholarships and the tiara I just think they should have got it all right the first time.

Highway Patrol Trooper Arrested on Suspicion of DWI, Kicking Police Officer
(NATIONAL) Summary: In Raleigh a highway patrolman was arrested on suspicion of DWI. The 38 year old cop apparently was driving, got distracted, ran a stop sign, and drove into a lake. The patrolman checked his blood alcohol which was 0.11, .03 over the legal limit. His 7-year old daughter and 18-year old son were also in the car but were not hurt. The cop was released on written promise to appear in court and has been put on investigative leave.

Opinion: I cannot believe a patrol officer would kick another. I do not care whether he was intoxicated or not you do not kick a police officer. Especially, if you are one as well. Plus, his kids were in the car with him. What a good lesson to teach them! It almost seems as though they let him off too easy. I know he is a fellow cop but he kicked another fellow cop, and that is a government official, a felony, he could get real time for that.

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Michael Hjort said...

Can't believe they have now convinced women to become suicide bommers. Scary

I hate when countries hide mistakes, and most of the time it's a communistic country.

Just count the votes RIGHT!!!

Must remember that we are all human, but a patrol officer knows much better!!!